Winter is here:

As winter approaches, it’s time to think about getting the right shoes for your little one’s feet. Babies’ feet need special protection from the cold, so it’s important to choose winter shoes that are designed to keep their feet warm and cozy. We’ve rounded up the best winter shoes for babies that are sure to keep their feet warm and comfortable all season long.

The first step in choosing the right winter shoes for your baby is to make sure they fit properly. Shoes that are too tight can pinch and cause discomfort, while shoes that are too loose can cause trips and falls. It’s important to measure your baby’s feet and get the right size for a snug fit.

Choose breathable fabrics:

Look for shoes that are made of breathable fabrics like our unlined leather. Our baby shoes will help keep your baby’s feet warm and dry, while also allowing them to move freely. At Pitta-Patta, all our shoes are unlined and they sport a soft, flexible, slip-resistant suede sole. The leather used is great for crawling and toddling, great for indoor use and light outdoor use.

What about style? There are plenty of options to choose from. You can go for classic designs like Mary Janes or booties, or opt for something more modern like sneakers. Whatever style you choose, make sure the shoes are lightweight and flexible so your baby can move comfortably.

Waterproofing and insulation:

Finally, don’t forget to check for details like waterproofing and insulation. Waterproof shoes will help keep your baby’s feet dry and warm, while insulation will help keep them warm in cold temperatures. Abrasive surfaces, extended periods in a walking ring and those plastic scooters tend to reduce the lifespan of the shoes. The shoe / decorations / colour(s) might be damaged due to crawling/outside wear/water and such damages will not be deemed to be a defect of our product.

Winter is the perfect time to keep your baby’s feet cozy and warm. With the right winter shoes, you can be sure they’ll be protected from the cold and ready to explore the world.

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