How to get this deal:

Order any 2 pairs of leather baby shoes from our website, and choose a freebie from the following list:

1 pair of slippers for every 2 pairs ordered

or 1 Bowtie / Headband for every 2 pairs ordered

or 1 pair of innersoles for every pair ordered (minimum order of 2 pairs)

Terms & Conditions

VERY IMPORTANT: Please add a Customer Note in the space provided on your Checkout page to let us know which freebie you would like to receive, eg. Slipper / Bowtie / Headband / Innersoles

If there is no note, we will send you a slipper as the default freebie.

For an order with boy’s shoes we will include a boy’s or neutral colour slipper / bowtie.

For an order with girl’s shoes we will include a girl’s or neutral colour slipper / headband.

For all freebies, we will choose a colour or style we have available and at our discretion.

We will choose one of the sizes you ordered.

Innersoles will be in the size that you order (each pair of shoes will have innersoles in the same size).

Unfortunately you can’t exchange any freebies for discount or cash. If you want to exchange them for another freebie after receiving your parcel, the courier cost will be for your account.

Not applicable to wholesale orders or any other sales.