Spot clean with a damp cloth or wet wipe.

If washing is needed – hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent. (Do not use bleach, ammonia or solvent based products) Shape correctly and dry in the shade. They may be stiff initially after washing but should soften with wear.

To clean suede, use a reputable suede cleaner.

To clean fabric slippers you can use a washing machine, with like colours, cold water, gentle cycle, gentle detergent, dry out of direct sunlight, shape while damp. Brush up the nap on the sole with a stiff bristles brush (like a nail brush).

SOLE MAINTENANCE: Debris going in-between the fibres could cause the leather on the soles to get compacted and feel slippery.  You can take a hard bristle brush (like a nail brush with the plastic bristles, just not metal) with cold water and a little bit of dish soap and scrub it softly until the smoothness is gone. Then just dry it inside, not in the sun! Be sure to do this from time to time to keep up the maintenance.


For worst possible results: Drag through a puddle behind a car and blow dry on your roof rack. And to give your beautiful soft shoesies nightmares, wear them while on those plastic push scooters! You will need to phone me for some private shoe whispering if they survive the trauma!

Note: Keep out of reach of dogs!