Size chart


Friendly Reminder: Please keep in mind that our age suggestions are just averages. It is always best to refer to our measurements for the most accurate sizing. While we strive to provide the best fit, we cannot guarantee that your child’s age will perfectly align with our sizes. Thanks for understanding!

Measure from heel to big toe (or longest toe) to get the length of the foot and then add an additional 7.5mm to allow for socks and growth.

The best way to do this, is to have your little one stand with their feet firmly on a flat surface with the heel against a straight edge (like a wall). Place a ruler beside the foot, touching the same straight edge, then take the length of the foot from the tip of the longest toe (not necessarily the big toe) to the heel. You can also have them stand on a piece of paper and trace around with the pen upright and measuring the outline.

Be sure to measure both feet and then write down the measurement of the longest foot.

Use that number to find your size in the size charts below.

If you are worried that his/her bridge will be too high, measure (with him/her standing) from the floor on the outside of his foot, over the highest part of his bridge to the floor on the inside of his foot and add those measurements to the Order Note box on the Checkout page.

Kiddies Sizes

Shoe Length in Cm

Shoe Length in Inch

Size Newborn 9.5 cm 3.7 inches
Size 0 10.5 cm 4.13 inches
Size 1 11.5 cm 4.52 inches
Size 2 12.5 cm 4.92 inches
Size 3 13.5 cm 5.31 inches
Size 4 14.5 cm 5.7 inches
Size 5 15.5 cm 6.1 inches
Size 6 16.5 cm 6.49 inches
Size 7 17.5 cm 6.88 inches
Size 8 18.5 cm 7.28 inches

Adult Sizes Finished Length of Shoe

Max Foot Length in Cm

Max Foot Length in Inch

24.5cm 23.5 cm 9.25 inches
25.4cm 24.4 cm 9.61 inches
26.1cm 25.1 cm 9.88 inches
27cm 26 cm 10.24 inches
27.8cm 26.8 cm 10.55 inches
28.8cm 27.8 cm 10.94 inches
29.6cm 28.6 cm 11.26 inches
30.4cm 29.4 cm 11.57 inches
31.3cm 30.3 cm 11.93 inches
32.1cm 31.1 cm 12.24 inches