Our baby boots come in different styles and colours. We have a range of soft pink boots, pale green, and soft blue boots. The baby boots ensure your baby gets to run free at the same time we allow for healthy foot growth with our soft genuine leather.

Find fluffy boots that will make your infant cosy on cold nights. Our ankle boots protect your little one from harsh weather, with leather that is durable and resists water.

We have baby boots with cute prints on them, find fox-printed boots, flower and heart boots and many more cute varieties.

Pitta patta boots, make your baby love shoes like they’ve never loved shoes before; you may have had to struggle with other shoes, but our barefoot feel is loved by all babies.
Indulge in luxury for your baby, guaranteeing them soft steps filled with comfort and care.
You’ll find beautiful gender-neutral boots, and soft white boots that will make your infant the envy of other moms. Our shoes are known for their longevity and are passed from family member to family member.

Infant boots from Pitta Patta are perfect for everyday use, but you’ll find once you buy one pair, you’ll definitely want another.

Our boots come in many different sizes from newborn to age 5/6, so you’re not limited to just infants and you can get a pair for all the young children in your family.
Pitta Patta creates shoes locally in South Africa and all shoes are handmade with love. The utmost care is taken in manufacturing each pair of shoes. Each pair of shoes is made from genuine leather.
We’re a small family-owned business and each of our customers is extremely important to us. If you have any special requests or queries, reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you!

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