SKINLEIGH X Bloom Essence – Detox Duo

SKINLEIGH and Bloom essence have joined in a collab to bring to you a detox package that will save your skins’ life. From all the unhealthy foods and drinks consumed over the festive season your skin deserves a refreshing detox. In this package we have x1 Gentle Facial Cleanser (SKINLEIGH) that will give your pores a deep cleanse without drying out your skin and cause any undesirable reactions, and we have x1 Creamy Matcha Clay Mask that will penetrate deep into your pores and leave you skin feeling cleansed and looking refreshed.

R 430.00

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Contains: x1 Gentle Facial Cleanser     x1 Creamy Matcha Clay Mask

Instructions: Stated on individual product packaging.

Benefits: This power detox duo will cleanse your skin from the breakouts and clogged pores caused by this recent festive time (heavy make up, consuming unhealthy foods and drinks and irregular sleeping patterns) without drying out your skin or causing undesirable reactions

Active ingredients: Vit E, Bilberry fruit extract, Lemon oil, Sweet orange oil (Cleanser) French clay, Sunflower Oil, Matcha Powder, Vit E (Mask)

Suited Skin Type: All skin types.


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